Our messages to survivors

Message 4

My message to survivors is that you don’t have to be okay. I struggle a lot with a variety of mental disorders due to not only the trauma of child sexual abuse and CSAM, but also from not being where I feel I should be in my healing journey. Feeling like an imposter for functioning daily, but not “being happy.” I’ve learned over time that I’m not alone in those feelings.

I try to find comfort in knowing that even if it doesn’t fix my problems, I can fight those demons better with the insight that others are fighting the same battles as me. Even in my darkest moments, I know there are others finding light daily. You don’t have to be okay, but over time we can all find things that spark joy, bring happiness, and fight to reclaim pieces of ourselves that we didn’t know we missed. That is my hope for survivors struggling.

— Phoenix 11 Member