Our messages to survivors

Message 1

I know this type of abuse feels never ending, that, at the moment, no matter where we turn, there doesn’t seem to be a single person or professional — whether it’s a therapist, a lawyer, a police officer, a tech company, or even a politician — that can give us an end date to our suffering.

It’s easy to say you’re not alone and list all the reasons our journeys might be similar, but I feel like it’s most important to show you that there are people in this world fighting for you. That no matter how let down we have been by the adults we were meant to trust, there are those worthy of gaining it back and retaining it. That you will learn to live with your wounds no matter how gaping they feel, and some days they will be badges of honor and resilience, while others, they’ll still be so very very painful. Above all else, I want you to know you are worth fighting for, and we will continue to do so until this crime is no longer a problem.

— Phoenix 11 Member